Bright World Preschool
20613 Stanton Avenue
Castro Valley, CA 94546


Conveniently located near the 580/238 Freeway Split, with excellent freeway access and parking.

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Our Programs


Bright World provides a preschool curriculum with experiences in:

  • Emergent Literacy through story time and literature related activities
  • Pre-Math skills
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Movement
  • Dramatic Play
  • Music
  • Bible stories with real life and character building traits
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play

A typical day for our children includes time for individual and group experiences. Each day allows for the young child’s need to engage in high, moderate and low-level activities. 

Although we understand that children learn and mature through play, we also believe that children are eager to learn and experience information. Because of this commitment, we have created our academic program using ACSI curriculum workbooks and the FunShine Express curriculum.


Our teachers have specific goals for each of their classes, and during the school year constantly work to implement and achieve these goals. At each age level the teachers structure the curriculum to foster the development of important basic skills appropriate for that age and stage. 

Two-year old class

In the two-year old class, the emphasis is on helping and encouraging children to achieve separation from their parent or caregiver. It is also very important at this age for children to learn to transition between activities without becoming upset. During this age, communication skills are encouraged, and this growth allows children to begin to change their play patterns from parallel to cooperative play.

Three-year old class

In the three-year old class, language further develops as children are encouraged to talk about their creations in the block area, describe their art projects, participate in fingerplays, sing songs, and listen at story time with increased understanding. Children learn about math through play and the activities of the classroom. The development of their fine motor skills is an additional goal of the threes. As the three-year-old sense of self becomes stronger, the children become more socially aware and friendships take on new importance.

Four/Five-year old class

A major goal in the four/five-year old class is kindergarten readiness. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by enhancing the pre-reading skills of the children. Children practice writing their names, and dictate and create class books throughout the year. Math skills are taught through sorting, counting, patterning, number recognition, and comparison through graphing and measurement. Equally important is the growth of emotional development. This is accomplished by providing an environment where children learn to care about one another, embrace diversity, feel part of a larger social group, and value friendships. Periods of free play and exploration are also provided.